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Casa-azul lies in close proximity of the Serra Estrela, the highest mountain range of Portugal as well as the friendly Serra Acor. The house is situated amidst olive, chestnut and oak trees, in a sea of green so the speak, on a quinta of about 6 acres. Around the house is a big terrace that overlooks the valley below and the little village of Avô. The house is well insulated and therefore cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Its about 100 m2 or 300 square feet and has an open structure inside. house

It consists of a big kitchen in the old granite part and a living room, bathroom and bed room in the blue painted newly built connecting part. Because of its open structure it is most suitable for a couple or small family.
There is always the possibility to pop up a tent next to the house on one of the terraces.



The kitchen has a gas stove with 4 burners, oven, fridge and washing machine. The pots, pans and china are of good quality. In the bathroom you'll find a shower and toilet.
Two wood burners heat the whole house. One of them is a so called 'Kachelofen' an Scandinavian system that collects the heat in tiles and gives a very pleasant kind of radiation.
There is a sleeping couch ( 1 person) in the living room and in the bedroom there is a double bed.


Two sides of the house are surrounded by an terrace (eira) which originally had the function of processing the grain. Further on the land there are traces of stonecutting activities many years ago , as there are many half finished granite stones laying around. Near the house is a little pool where one can cool off on the hot days. The quinta is secluded and has a lot of privacy.