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The area

floraThe area is very suitable for walking. Nature lovers will be quite happy here. The little villages in both the Serra's are picturesque and the bizarre rock formations high in the mountains almost surreal. Other activities are horseback riding, also for a number of days. Swimming in the rivers everywhere in the mountains, canoeing in the Mondego river nearby. There are monthly and weekly markets to visit in different towns with local products like the famous Serra cheese.


And almost every weekend there is an outdoor dance somewhere in a nearby village, very worthwhile to visit. People here are friendly and hospitable and life is laid back.


The Village

vilageIt's a 20 minute walk to the village of Avô, or 5 minutes by car. The ruins of a castle in the middle of the village, the bridge and a few roads that are still in use reminds one of the roman period. There are two small supermarkets, a pharmacy, a butcher and greengrocer and you can pull money out of a bank machine. In the middle of the village where two rivers meet, a little beach area is created with a small outdoor restaurant. With a separate plunge bath for the little children and showers. The nearest city is Oliveira do Hospital and here you can find big supermarkets. like Intermarché and Lidl (N17). a Polyclinic, open day and night and gas stations.